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Cooking Class Descriptions

Travel parts of Europe with your palate in our selection of European inspired cooking classes and meals. We’ll travel from France to Spain to Tuscany and then take a sweep across the Mediterranean. The climate that these meals come from is very similar to our local climate. These dishes translate well and are designed to enhance your repertoire.

We travel to each destination every Tuesday and Thursday morning stating at 09:00 am with espresso and biscotti. The classes run for approximately four hours including  time to devour what has been cooked for lunch. The cost is $145. Call us to confirm which week and day you prefer.

These are our regular classes but if this does not suit you give us a call as we can always incorporate your timetable and cooking ideas.

Destination 1 – Journey to La Belle France

Inspired by la belle France you will learn how to cook and then dine on these classic French gems. This is combination of hearty and lighter fare straight from a Paris Bistro.

Journey to La Belle France

  1. Scallops with Confit of Leek and Caviar
  2. Caramelised Pork Belly with Roast Vegetables
  3. Vanilla Cream Brulee

Destination 2 – Journey to Espanola

We travel south now to Spain to Española. The meals reflect the warmer climate and place an emphasis on seafood. Hear the castanets, see the Flamenco dancer – and get ready for a siesta.

Journey to Espanola

  1. Clams a la Marinera
  2. Braised Leg of Lamb with Pears
  3. Caramelised Oranges

Destination 3 - Journey to Tuscany

Now we are off to the northern clime of Italy, Italia. We travel further north from Spain to more hearty fare, suited more for our winter time. The produce is a combination of country and seafood and the meals derive from tasty peasant origins.

Journey to Tuscany

  1. Tuscan Soup 
  2. Octopus Braised with Tomato and Green Olives
  3. Chilled Lemon Creme

Destination 4 - Journey to the Mediterranean

Now we finish our tour with a sweep to the sea of the Mediterranean. On a balcony overlooking the azure water feast on the following with the sun warming the scene.

Journey to the Mediterranean

  1. Chorizo Pilaf
  2. Madras Fish with Tumeric and Vegetables
  3. Macerated Oranges

Destination 5 – Journey to Sizzling Singapore

Inspired by this jewel of the East, you will learn how to cook and then dine on this Peranakan three course feast. The food is light yet hearty and fiery and straight from the street food traditions of Nyonya cooking combining Chinese and Malay dishes with some Indian influence.

Journey to Sizzling Singapore

  1. Coconut Milk Prawns
  2. Salted Fish Pineapple Curry
  3. Fruit Salad with Salt

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