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About Us

Culinary Journey was developed out of a passion and love of good food. It was created as a means to slow down and enjoy the good things in life, the things that brings people together - food. Ann has previously worked in the corporate sector in high pressure,stressful environments in Sydney, travelling nationally and internationally for business but decided that it was time for a change and time to concentrate on something that she has always been truly passionate about.

This is how and why Culinary Journey started. Ann was very aware that learning about food is both a journey to places and learning about people and their food. Ann has travelled through Europe and Asia focusing on traditional food from market to table and techniques that are unique to each culture. So come and join us, come on the Culinary Journey with us. We are constantly researching and improving our ideas while at the same time respecting the traditional cooking methods and the classical technique. We aim to provide insight into how a recipe is constructed, to teach you how to add your innovation to your own cooking, and ideas to make what you learn just the start on your own journey through the various themes and subtleties you will develop.

We will share what we know with you, share those foodie techniques that no one ever writes about or tells you. Others in the group will also share their experiences and by sharing within the class, the results can be surprising as ideas bounce around and the result always surpasses the written menus.





Visit la Belle France

Why not visit La Belle France

For a Special treat – why not join us on one of our International Culinary Journeys. In late September, discover the charm and delights of La Belle France and engage with the French and their culinary culture. This 10 day journey takes you from Paris, via Lyon to the temperate climate of the French Mediterranean coastline. You will meet amazing chefs, sommeliers, but most of all be immersed in French food culture like no other tour!